Events places festivals and activities to enjoy summer in Tokyo

Summer in Japan Haru Natsu Aki Fuyu - Spring Summer Autumn Winter - the four seasons of Japan are each distinct by its own form of celebration. Summer is no exception. It's Arrival is celebrated, peak is tolerated, then departure is again celebrated. Summer is the shortest of the four seasons. So there's a palpable…

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Hanabi the summer time fireworks festival in Tokyo

Hanabi the summer time fireworks festival in Tokyo Hana = Flower Bi-> derived from Hi = Fire Together Hanabi = fireworks Summer in Japan is time for Hanabi. Traditionally the two months of July and August have been the months for firework shows. Various cities communities organizations join hands to hold annual shows on specific…

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Tokyo Super Yasakoi Genki Matsuri

Definitions first Matsuri -> Festival Genki -> happy, energetic Yosakoi -> a modern Japanese folk dance Tokyo Super yosakoi Genki Matsuri is one of the big annual matsuris around. Matsuris are traditional festivals. Men women children dress up eat drink enjoy sing and dance. From temporary expressions of joy more formalized¬† art forms evolve. Awa…

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