A day at Yokohama Chinatown Cosmoworld and Yamashita park

A day at Yokohama Chinatown Cosmo world and Yamashita park During the early part of last century Japan was rapidly evolving into an industrial nation. Trade, import of raw material, export of engineered goods helped the port town of Yokohama grow into a major world city. the marine routes between Yokohama to Shanghai and Peking…

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Hanabi the summer time fireworks festival in Tokyo

Hanabi the summer time fireworks festival in Tokyo Hana = Flower Bi-> derived from Hi = Fire Together Hanabi = fireworks Summer in Japan is time for Hanabi. Traditionally the two months of July and August have been the months for firework shows. Various cities communities organizations join hands to hold annual shows on specific…

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Hikawa Maru and Marine Day Celebrations at Yokohama Harbor

Hikawa Maru and Marine day celebrations at Yokohama Harbor On this Marine day we walked up the ¬†bridge to Hikawa Maru, a storied ship anchored at Yokoyama harbor. Ships lately have rather gone into the territory of stories that start with once upon a time. It is hard to believe how these ships were the…

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