Spring Cherry Blossom festival at 1000 Sakura park Tokyo

Spring Cherry blossom festival at 1000 Sakura park Tokyo In Japanese tradition Cherry blossoms represent rejuvenation. After the bitter cold winter comes spring holding the hands of Cherry blossom. When it arrives it covers the neighborhood with gorgeous bloom. Somewhat akin to the old saying that tough times don't last forever. And when the good times finally come it…

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Ueno Park Tokyo – Hanami and the Lily Pond

Follows from - http://www.couchflyer.com/celebrating-spring-cherry-blossoms-in-japan/ Ueno Park Tokyo - hanami and the lily pond More than a hundred and fifty years ago, a fierce battle was fought on the hill of Ueno. The battle ended the reign of Samurai shoguns and restored the power of Meiji emperor. A new chapter started in Japan's history. It was the beginning of…

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Celebrating Spring cherry blossoms in Japan

Celebrating Spring cherry blossoms in Japan Petals fall. Float on the water beneath. A pink tinge covers the blue sky reflecting on the water. The pink cover shimmers, in the gentle breeze. It is spring, season of Sakura, the cherry blossom in Japan. As the winter bids farewell, the blossoms usher in spring. Starting from…

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